Esty™ Spot's Makeup Brush Belt

We love this Brush Belt and so will you! With 24 pockets and 4 bigger pockets, it holds all your brushes and even mascaras, eyeliners, and other makeup tools. Durable and water proof for the safe storing of your professional brushes. Folds in half for storing your brushes covered and free of dust. Adjustable strap for a comfortable fit an open layout for easy reach. Simple to keep clean with a soft towel and gentle cleanser. Keep your Brushes organized today, Esty!

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  • Approximately 35.5cm x 27.5cm /14.76 in x 10in (unfolded)
  • Approximately 18cm x 27.5cm /7.06inx 10.83in (folded)
  • Cosmetic Brush Bet (Brushes Not Included)