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The Best Way to Retain Clients

A common way of thinking is that if you have a great product or service then customers will follow, and they will stay. Is it really this simple? Is there one thing that will help you retain clients? In a world of groupon, social media, spas on every corner, crazy trends, and new gadgets and tools, how to do YOU keep your clients coming back for more?

Let’s look at the basics and a checklist of simple everyday practices that help you retain customers

  • Customize your treatment to that client
  • Keep your environment on point
  • Make Customer Service a priority
  • Build a relationship
  • Make booking easy


  1. Customize your treatment to that client

“You never have a second chance to make a first impression”. I once had a long-time client tell me, “The first appointment I had with you, you asked me if I would prefer oil or cream during my massage, no one had ever asked me that before. I knew in that moment you would take good care of me.” She remained a client for 18 years, until she moved out of state.

Take the time to find out what your clients need and want. Do they want to talk or zone out? Are their main concern extractions, or do they love a great face massage? The questions you ask during your client intake will provide you the knowledge you need to make the treatment right for them. Continue to treat every visit like their first visit. Stay current with what is happening in the industry, so you can guide and direct them on the best services for them. Make them feel special, keep abreast of their current needs.

  1. Keep your environment on point

Make sure your room is visually appealing and clean. Can you give them the option to choose what music they can listen to? Are your sheets and towels soft? Make sure everything smells amazing. Can you offer fruit infused water, a cup of tea, or a little treat for them to munch on their way out? You are part of the environment you create, leave any drama out of the room, make sure you’re clean, well groomed, polite, and professional.


  1. Make Customer Service a Priority

Make sure you check in when they arrive and see if they have any special needs for that day. Do you arrive early and stay on schedule, so they feel like their time is valuable? Do you keep your appointments, or do you regularly reschedule? Keeping our prior appointments tells our clients we take their time seriously and they will be less like to cancel last minute or rebook with us. Do you have the option to incentivize your clients, with loyalty programs, or a complimentary add on for a loyal regular?


  1. Build a relationship

Start by learning a few key things about your clients for example their what is their occupation, do they have kids/pets, sports/hobbies, or any important dates like anniversaries or birthdays. Write these things down and build on them. There is no better way to make someone feel special than by making something important to them important to you. By truly listening and getting to know them will allow them to form an attachment to us and be less likely to want to go elsewhere.

Do you send thank you cards, emails, and check in with them regularly?


  1. Make booking easy

If possible have online booking. If you must rely on a receptionist check in with him or her to make sure your regular clients are on the books and taken care of. If you do your own books answer phone calls, texts, email in a timely professional manner, set a goal to always respond within 24 hours. Do you always try to book their next appointment before they leave? If you haven’t seen them in a while, reach out to them.

Ultimately, great customer service will keep clients coming to us, but there is a lot of ways to provide great customer service. Clients are drawn to us not only for the goods and services we offer, but also for personal reasons. It may be our upbeat personality, attention to detail, listening skills, we make them feel comfortable, or because we continue to educate ourselves. Taking stock of what we bring to the table and what initially drew that customer will keep them coming back for more.

Our clients have a lot of choices and we want to work to make ourselves their number one choice.


Written By: Heidi  B. 
Aesthetician/Owner at 
Studio S Salon









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