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 Some skincare practices are so integrated into our treatments we barley give them a second thought, but it is often these seemingly simple protocols that can take our treatments from good to extraordinary! Simple things like the temperature of the room, the warmth of the massage table or even the nice cool breeze from the fan can change the effectiveness an Esthetician has on their clients skin, today we are revealing why temperature is a vital tool in a skincare professionals treatments.

What is the Benefit of Hot Temperatures?

       For many of us, heat has been apart of our skincare practices since day one. Whether it be applied through steamers, hot towels or friction from massage; but, why is heat such a vital aspect to an Estheticians career? Many may simply say, heat assists in opening up the pores which is correct yet, a very simplified explanation and not the only benefit. Thermotherapy can be traced back thousands of years to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians and was used for various reasons majority of those reasons were aiding with health, detox and relaxation. Thermal baths, mud baths and hot air caverns linked to volcanic sources were all common tools used for healing. With modern day technology scientists have been able to truly distinguish what heat does for our bodies. Heat can dramatically increase skin permeability, in general human skin has a low permeability meaning ‘it has a strong barrier’ and most foreign substances are unable to penetrate and diffuse through the skin. For us as Estheticians that means our products, serums and cleansers can reach deeper into the layers of the skin when catalyzed by heat creating more of a benefit than a client may achieve at home. Heat therapy increases blood flow to an area, allowing oxygen and nutrients to move through blood vessels which is essential to the regrowth of damaged tissue and stimulation of fibroblasts, what else could you ask for in an anti-aging treatment!

      Along with all the results driven benefits we of course have the relaxation benefits of heat as well. If a client is experiencing tired muscles and stiff joints applying a warm compress such as a heating pad, and simultaneously massaging the area, (within your scope of licensure of course), works wonders for soothing. Best of all, this method of relaxing muscles, increasing blood flow and promoting a comforting relief is all natural and you client will praise your ability to ease their tension and pain.

What is the Benefit of Cold Temperatures?

    The polar bear plunge, cryotherapy, the freeze and run, some of us may not love the cold but after learning the many benefits it has for the skin you may change your mind. Cold therapy is nothing new, Hollywood stars are one of the best known practitioners of cold therapy. Stars have been dunking their faces in pools full of ice water since the days of silent film! They believed that the freezing cold water helped reduce puffy eyes, redness, and cause temporarily tightening of the skin not to mention relief from hangovers the night before and they were right! Low temperature causes blood vessels to restrict which causes change in the bodies skin blood flow. This causes muscles in the face to also restrict, improving skins metabolism and creating a unique workout for all the anatomical building blocks of the face. Cold therapy or ‘cryotherapy’ has a magnitude of benefits associated with its services many studies claim cryotherapy can assisting in fat burning, increase metabolism, improve brain functionality, aid muscle building, stabilize hormones and much more. As skincare professionals cold therapy can be utilized in many ways. Whether you have the ability to offer full body cryotherapy or facial cold therapy is it always a wonderful way to end a service. Many clients will be slightly pink after a facial from massage manipulation, steam or rosacea. By utilizing a tool such as an ice roller you have the ability to calm the skin, seal in serums, moisturizers and tighten the skin directly after treatment, plus the added benefit of slightly waking clients up before their drive home.

    When it comes to acneic clients cold therapies are an Estheticians best friend! Cold therapy reduces blood flow to the applied area, which in turn significantly reduces inflammation and swelling. It can also temporarily reduce nerve activity, soothing pain due to the ‘numbing effect’. Often when acne shows up we ice the breakout, this practice is utilized because the cold kills off microbe bacteria that cannot live in such a cold hostile  environment. With tools such as cooling globes or ice rollers Estheticians have the ability to easily glide across the skin giving one of the best natural anti-inflammatory treatments skin could possibly receive. In the end our profession has us take on many roles, we must be educators, we must be listeners, and problem solvers but, most of all, to a lesser degree than medical professionals, like all the ancient people before us we are healers. Utilizing the science that has been studied involving skin and temperature offers an amazing advantage to benefit clients in order to help them heal their confidence in themselves and in their skin.

By: Jada Rose
Instagram: @jadaesthetics_llc

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