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 Skin Scrubber Benefits and Best Practices

    It is hard to beat the Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Benefits in terms of versatility. It is a powerful wireless handheld device which assists in cleansing, exfoliating, penetrating products, and even desincrusting the skin! Each of the Skin Scrubber’ssettings assists in providing clients with the best facial they have ever received. Of course, much of the effectiveness depends on keeping the skin moist with water or products throughout the entire process to ensure the current is being conducted properly.

Cleansing and exfoliating are much more efficient with this tool since this can all be done in just 90 seconds! First, moisten the skin. Apply distilled water to the face using a brush to provide enough water to coat the skin but not so much that it drips all over the place. Turn the device on and select the intensity level, pass the device, blade-side-down across the client’s skin to cleanse. Very small bubbles are created as the ultrasonic waves make contact with the water that was brushed to the skin. These bubbles penetrate the skin to push out dirt, oil and debris while simultaneously filling the skin with moisture. This is process is called cavitation. Dead skin and oil will build up on the blade as the device clears out the congested pores. Keep a towel nearby and wipe as needed. If appropriate for the client, use an enzyme or low strength AHA after exfoliating with the Skin Scrubber makes for some super supple and hydrated skin that is ready for product penetration.

Loosening the pores with steam before extractions is now optional. Prepare the skin with water or favorite desincrusting solution and put the device in pulse mode. With the Skin Scrubber, press the blade against the skin while pushing the skin up and towards the blade with fingers wrapped in gauze, to manually extract comedones all over the face. It is best to travel down the nose. Push fingers against the bottom of the nose and towards the blade to encourage the sebaceous filaments to jump out of the skin. If the comedones on the client’s face are difficult to extract try using the “Z” setting. This is the desincrusting feature that uses negatively charged current to help pull out stubborn debris trapped within the pore.

Calm the skin after extractions with a generous layer of serums or a masque. It may be observed that these products that were just layered do not seem to be absorbing into the skin as quickly as they usually do. This is normal. The last two phases of this process helped to seriously hydrate the skin which will result in prodcuts absorbing slower. Thankfully, the last phase is designed to help lock everything in. Turn on the device and select high or low for desired level of intensity. Pass the device, blade side up to activate sonophoresis, the process in which the bi-lipid barrier gets all shook up and the products are penetrated into the skin using soundwaves. This gentle massage feels gorgeous on the skin as the products penetrate transdermally.

With so many functions the price must be outrageous, right? Wrong! It’s affordably priced! The Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber should be in every esthetician’s treatment room. It is the perfect way to streamline a facial and get the most out of the products in the treatment room. Client’s will absolutely notice the difference in their skin from the first treatment. Take your facials to the next level!



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