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Benefits of Multi-Function Devices

   Let’s face it, esthetician treatment rooms seem to be full of a ton of pieces of equipment for services. It can be hard for those of us who have smaller rooms and for those of us who are just starting out to implement beneficial technology without cluttering our rooms. We all want to offer the most advanced treatments that benefit our pocket-book as well as our clients confidence in their skin. Well our amazing friends at EstySpot saw this struggle and they have the answer, the Multi-function 4-in-1! This device encompasses some of the most sought after technology in the skincare world, ultrasonic, galvanic, microcurrent, and LED. What do these modalities offer to us in our treatment room and how can any esthetician implement them in their services? Let’s look into these amazing advances in technology to see how EstySpot is truly from Estheticians for Estheticians.  


  When thinking about the Ultrasonic aspect of your 4-in-1 device think about deep cleansing and pulling out debris from within the skin. Ultrasonic current is a soundwave technology vibrating at a frequency often too high for humans to hear. This high level sound wave is able to reach to the far depths of the skin promoting  cellular repair and renewal. Ultrasonic current has a variety of benefits such astoning muscles, encouraging lymphatic drainage, combating puffiness, swelling, improving product penetration and increasing blood circulation therefore oxygenation to the cells.

During a service clients skin will need to be either dampened or covered  in a water soluble gel to work as a medium for the conductivity of the waves as well as act as a protective layer between the skin and the device. This is needed because ultrasonic waves will create an internal heating effect to the tissues in the skin. Because of this internal heat it is normal for your client to be a bit pink during the service, but be sure there's an adequate amount of the medium so that its not abrasive or pulling on their skin. Not applying a medium or an improper medium has the potential to cause damage and discomfort to the skin. 

With the 4-in-1 device the ultrasonic wave gives off a frequency of 3MHz, meaning that it is in a range that estheticians can still legally use without it being considered a medical device while still having powerful performance. There are 2 settings in the 4-in-1 for ultrasonic services (cleanse/deep). The difference between these setting are the intensity of the wave. It is highly suggested that first time ultrasonic clients should start with thecleanse  setting to see how reactive their skin is to the internal heating. Thedeep setting is recommended for non-cystic acneic clients as well as intensive anti aging protocols. 

To use the ultrasonic modality, first prep the skin with a preferred medium. Set the device to cleanse with 1 click of the first button, or to deep with 2 clicks of the first button. Use the device in upward cleansing strokes on the clients skin. Your client will soon have a pink glow and their skin will efficiently break down debris on a molecular scale. 


Galvanic current is a constant and direct current that produces chemical changes when it passes through the tissues and fluids of the body. For the Galvanic modality estheticians are able to use both positive and negative ions. Use galvanic as a means to prep the skin for extractions with desincrustation, then, use the opposite charged ion to penetrate serums and masks while restoring pH.  

  You may be wondering, so what exactly is desincrustation and how does that all work? To understand that we need to understand Iontophoresis. Although the word may seem intimidating at first glance, its purpose is actually rather straightforward. Iontophoresis, (or Ionization), is the process of introducing water-soluble products into the skin using electrical current.  

Science has broken ionization down into two different subcategories depending on your intended outcome and whether you are using a positive or negatively charged ion; cataphoresis and anaphoresis. Cataphoresis (The Nutri-plus setting on the 4-in-1) is a term used to refer to using an electric current to infuse apositive acid product into the skin. Estheticians want to implement cataphoresis during masks or ampoules to set them deeper into the skin so they have the most efficacy. Anaphoresis,(theNutrition setting on the 4-in-1) on the other hand, is the process of infusing a negative alkaline product into the skin by means of electric current. Desincrustation is a form of anaphoresis, (negative ion) this method is used to soften and emulsify oil deposits, comedones, and even hair follicles causing them to be easier to extract. These modalities used properly can make your facials stand out beyond measure to your competitors because it makes achieving results easier and faster. 

To use Galvanic current with the 4-in-1 first prep the skin: desincrustation fluid for (Nutrition) or a serum/ toner for (Nutri+). Turn on the device to the desired setting, grip the device and be certain to have contact with the silver sides. Rub the device in small circles on the skin with the fingers of the opposite hand trailing close behind to complete the electrical circuit. The devices timer will turn off the device in 5-10 minutes depending on the setting. 

LED (Light-Emitting Diode)

  Our 4-in-1 also includes LED light therapy! LED is an acronym for light-emitting diode, which is essentially light given off by a special bulb that produces various colored lights within a specific wavelength spectrum. The 4-in1 has two pre-settings which are represented by the buttonsWhitening (red/yellow) andAnti-Acne (blue/green). The LED works by releasing light onto the skin to stimulate specific responses, at precise depths of the skin. The LED device works by seeking a color in the skin known as a chromophore. A chromophore is a color component within the skin such as blood or melanin. When the colored light reaches a specific depth of the skin, it triggers a reaction such as the stimulation of circulation or reducing the amount of bacteria. 

Red Light  is most often thought of as the anti-aging light because it offers a variety of desirable benefits. Itbrightens and evens the skin tone. Proliferates collagen protein and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as tightens, firms and repairs damaged skin. Red light is perfect for any client desiring anti-aging effects.

Yellow Light relieves irritation and aims to enhance the immunity within the skin. It also stimulates the lymphatic and nervous system, to rid the skin of toxins and increase circulation. Yellow light is really wonderful for any client because we all need a jumpstart of our lymphatic system at times but it is my favorite to use on clients who feel congested.

Blue Light, also considered the acne light, kills bacteria from within the skin whilst diminishing inflammation and preventing breakouts. Eliminating bacteria is often the best plan of action to start fighting against acne for clients because it eliminates the potential cause of the acne in active areas and benefits surrounding skin. 

Green Light calms and balances the skin tone, this can help to break down and prevent uneven melanin production. Green light creates an excellent treatment that leaves the skin even and bright, whilst calming the skin and stimulating the lymphatic drainage system. Green light is great to use for brides to be and to treat troubling skin conditions such as melasma. 

To perform LED therapy with the 4-in-1 first determine which color series would best benefit the client. For red and yellow click the Whitening button once, click twice for Anti-Acne the blue and green. Your clients eyes should be covered due to the fact the lights can cause damage or strain to sight over time; the EstySpot 4-in-1 set includes a small blindfold to use during LED. The skin can be kept dry for this treatment or layered with a lightweight clear serum. Be sure to go over the client's entire face unless performing a specific spot treatment. The devices timer will automatically set to a 10 minute session. Five minutes will be the first color, either red or blue while the remaining 5 minutes will automatically change to the yellow or green depending on your predetermined setting. Use the light for 1-3 sessions starting over after the initial 10 minutes for best results. This treatment is the perfect add on for any service and can truly advance your treatment room. 

(For more information about LED check out our other articles:https://www.estyspot.com/blogs/esthetician-tips/the-many-benefits-that-led-light-therapy-can-offer-your-clients



Microcurrent is our true facial workout, think of microcurrent as a lifting and training for the muscles of the face; ergo why it is theFaceLifting button on the device. Microcurrent is an extremely low level of electricity that mirrors the natural current of the human body. With vast majority of esthetic tools microcurrent doesn’t travel throughout the entire body but instead serves the specific area being treated. Microcurrent has multiple purposes such as: improving blood and lymph circulation, increasing muscle tone, restoring elasticity, reducing redness and inflammation, minimizing healing time for acne lesions, improving the barrier function of skin and increasing metabolism. 

Many newer microcurrent devices, including the estyspot 4-in-1, uses polarity within a single set of probes which are applied by the esthetician. This polarity advancement integrated into the device makes the modality more of a relaxing service instead of making a client actively participate in the service by holding a probe to complete the bodies electrical circuit. It is important to make your client aware that they may feel a slight vibration and develop a metallic taste in their mouth during this treatment which is normal and expected.

To use the Microcurrent modality skin will need to be prepped with a medium such as hyaluronic acid gel masque or any other conductive gel. Click theFaceLifting button on the device and be sure to grip the device in a way that you have contact with the silver sides of the machine to start the electrical circuit. The timer will run for 15 minutes and you will work in simple upwards cleansing passes over the skin. Do about 6 passes per area with your opposite hand trailing the device roughly 1 inch away. Your other hand will complete the circuit as it travels through the skin. 

Microcurrent is a service that anyone without contraindications can have integrated into a treatment to improve their skin. Acneic clients will have improved healing from active lesions and everyone can benefit from the firming muscle enhancement that will both treat and prevent signs of aging. After the treatment clients will praise you for making their skin softer, firmer and achieving a more hydrated appearance. 

The Multi-function 4-in-1 is truly an amazing advancement for the skincare community. This piece of equipment is amazingly easy to use and with an amazing price point it is worth it to bring into your treatment room. With this device we have a way to enhance all the services we offer and we can implement these modalities as a full facial focus or an add on. EstySpot truly understands the esthetics community because they are our fellow estheticians who have had our same struggles and successes. They understand that sometimes treatment rooms are  small and need to feel comfortable and uncluttered, so they made a handheld powerhouse. Of course, just like with any piece of equipment be sure to thoroughly read and understand the user manual that is included and know any contraindications to keep yourself and your clients safe. EtsySpot's goal is to help you achieve your dreams I don’t think anything can say it better than the EstySpot mission statement. 

“We are here for estheticians! A community created just for Estheticians who are passionate and active in the field. We couldn't find a relevant spot made specifically for Licensed Estheticians. So we made one! and we made "Estyspot" to be interactive, fun and always evolving. 

Our Mission: To deliver the most innovative and unique Esthetics tools, equipment and even supplies. To bring you custom, confidence and client building apparel. And to give Estheticians a sense of community and friendship. It all comes down to the same passion: making a living doing what we love. 

- Estyspot is Your Spot”

By: Jada Rose








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