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LED Therapy Benefits

Let's dive into the LED Therapy Benefits. Light therapy had very humble beginnings with the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. They knew that being in the sun had health benefits, they just didn't understand why. Fast forward to the 19th century when Danish physician, Dr. Niels Finsen discovered the healing benefits of using different wavelengths of light to treat tuberculosis. It was this new technology that opened the door to discovering LED lights and their benefits. Light therapy was initially developed to assist with the healing of wounds and scars from surgery. It eventually expanded to include treating ulcers, lupus, tuberculosis, and a variety of skin diseases. As light therapy was used more and more researchers started to notice a very wonderful side effect which was, it actually helped to improve the skin. Light therapy stimulated the skin tissue to regenerate with new skin cells. Light therapy also increased blood circulation, collagen production, and general healing of the skin. 

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Using different wavelengths and spectrums will have different repairing or rejuvenating effects on the skin. The different light waves will actually trigger certain reactions in your skin and that is what will give you the results you are trying to achieve. LED light treatment speeds up your skins ability to perform its natural functions.

Red Light therapy

Penetrates the skin past the first layer which increases blood flow which will in turn promote healing, rejuvenation and collagen production. It leaves the skin looking supple, lifted and youthful. It is also used in treating scarring and Rosacea.

Blue Light therapy

Generates a high energy form of oxygen that attacks bacteria in the skin which is why Blue Light is used for treating acne.

White Light Therapy

Penetrates the deepest, it tightens skin and reduces inflammation leaving your skin looking smooth with a healthy glow.

Green Light Therapy

Helps to treat and prevent hyper-pigmentation by inhibiting the production of excess melanin which then prevents it from traveling to the surface. It will help break up the melanin clusters that are already on the surface.

Yellow Light Therapy

is used for treating redness, flushing, irritation and Rosacea. It may also reduce the appearance of the tiny blood vessels on the nose and face.

Cyan Light Therapy

It is used as a gentle acne treatment to control the oil production in the  skin as well as reduce inflammation. It also promotes synthesis of protein and collagen. 

Using LED light therapy is a wonderful, non-invasive, healing way to treat the skin that works with your skins own natural systems to heal skin issues, detoxify, balance and promote rejuvenation!

LED Therapy Benefits and the benefits of each of the 7 colors - Article Written By Hanan Tayeb  -  Licensed Esthetician at Skin by Hanan

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