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We wanted to share one simple marketing strategy that can be implemented into your business immediately and have a huge impact. It works especially well around holidays. 

We'll give you one hint before we get started. Facebook

Below we will break down a simple post and show you how it is used to consistently bring in new clients and new revenue. This is just one of many marketing streams of course

Now that you see the ad, there is one huge thing it does well. "AIDA" 
In advertising the formula AIDA has been around for many many years. The reason being is simple. It works! It stands for:

Below we will break down the ad in the AIDA formula so you have a better understanding of how it works. 

(It is in bold lettering and has a heart that captures attention)

INTEREST- "Donnt wait to come in and get (or give) great brows before (insert holiday or event)! ♡ 
IVE EXTENDED MY SUNDAY HOURS TILL 8PM TONIGHT and TOMORROW!" (This builds interest in the offer below)

Tonights and tomorrows Special: 
● Brow wax: $15 (includes wax, massage, and eye serum, filled in if needed)
● Bring a friend: get your waxes for $10 each!" 
(People desire to have beautiful brows and save money)

ACTION - "Message me for an appointment!"
(Once you have made enough desire to get your prospect thinking, it is time to ask them to take a desired action.)

Now that you have seen the ad, how do you use it?

You can not post it just on your personal wall and expect to get new business.
When you log into facebook at the very top you want to search and join groups that are local only. Search Facebook and look for groups using words like
"Buy,Sell, Trade", "Online Yard sale", "(city) Local Businesses", "(City) Residents", "Craigslist (city/county)"

The bottom line is, you want to find local groups and post regularly.
(Do not spam the groups) It looks desperate. 

There is a couple things we hope you take away from this.

Some of you are probably thinking there is no way I would do Brow waxes that cheap. That is fine. Each area will vary in pricing, but the key is to make it really affordable to get people you have never met, in your chair. 

This gives you the opportunity to turn this client into a lifetime customer that will not only do there brows with you from now on, but this could lead into facials, retail sales, referrals and much more.

We would love to hear if this worked for you or if you have any tips to add!


P.S Make sure to set proper expectations and offer incentives for them to come back. We'll talk more on this later.

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