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Community: A unified group of individuals, people with common interests. A sense of togetherness is it not? Its comforting to know there are people like you with maybe the same love and passion for Esthetics, for caring for people, making people feel beautiful inside out. That's an Esthetician for you, a person who touches lives everyday. You're the person a client might spill their heart to or come to you for help. What a great responsibility and honor we hold. We are a unique community. We are people with the same unique passion, and that's why it would only be smart to come together. As one.
Our field is constantly evolving, growing, and advancing. We know Continued Education will never end. Educating ourselves is how we widen are income avenue. Technology will always get better and faster than what it was before. Newness will always be waiting for us tomorrow. Including new Estheticians. So why not team up, why not come together and make connections. Networking with other Estys would only be the smart thing to do. We are not in competition. Lets get real, we will always strive to be our best, but that's all we can be our own best. Its not about if Sally, Susan or John goes to you or me. We could have the same prices and the same distance from their residence. You could be in this for 15 years and myself 15 days. Your "best" is yours, and my "best" is mine. How we make a connection with clients is how we retain them. Wouldn't it be true if I said some of our most loyal clients become our friends? Clients choose to walk in our establishment and pay for a service, every single time. So we are not against each other, we're not trying to top each other or be better than each other, our responsibility is to be our own best for our clients.
We are, in fact, a community and that's what EstySpot is here to provide. We are not only a store with unique products for unique Estheticians, we are a family. From those just graduating or on their way who have the thirst for education and doing it all, to those of us who are veterans who have seen just how much change can happen in 10 or 20 years. We want to be a place where we can reach out to each other no matter where we are in our career. Learning together, sharing with each other, and lending helping hands. Immersing ourselves in the latest and greatest of Esthetics. Keeping up on the ever-changing world of being an Esthetician. We are all flowers of different colors in the same garden, all in different stages of growth and we should lean over and help water our neighbor every now and then. So the garden will grow stronger and more vibrant. We should all help each other out, so we can grow a stronger and more vibrant Esthetician community.

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