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1.) Dress for the Part 

When you meet someone, it's human nature to look them up and down. Its natrual to collect data by looking at someones appearence. So this is why we say Dress the Part. When you go out in public, and people meet you and look at you, you want to present the best you. So, how will this boost your clientele? Find apparel that speaks for you. Find apparel that speaks Esthetician. If you have a shirt that says "Improve your Selfies, See an Esthetician" and people read that, it will automatically tell them who you are without you even having to speak for your occupation! Most the time its a funny way to strike up conversation. People will usually ask where you work, or what and Esthetician even is. this is your open oppertunity to seal a deal and get them in your chair! So dress to impress, spark curiosity, or straight up make someone giggle! All eyes on you Esty!

2.) Be Outgoing

This is so much more than being the life of the party. A common misconception is that estheticians are shy or quiet people, but we all know thats not the case with all of us. We learn that you have to be confident and learn to take control in converstions. thats how we get cients to trust us. Confidence eases our clients and is the best way to show that we deserve respect. So Be Outgoing in public! We all have moments with new people every day, how many of those do we seize? we might small talk with the checkout cashier, or share a line with someone in the grocery store or getting coffee. These are the moments we need to train ourselves to be outgoing enough to talk Esthetics! Introduce yourself to everyone, you have to strongly believe there is no such thing as coincidences. Heres a situation to try out; Youre checking out at the grocery store, 98% of the time they ask you how your day is going... if the timing is right this is your open opportunity to speak about yourself! Theyre asking right? so be wise with your response. heres some options, "Great, just headed to (spa, salon, or business), Im an Esthetician there." Or  "Im great! Did a lot of facials today at (spa, salon, or business), have you ever had a facial?"  If someones asking you about you, this is your moment to put your passion on display. Never be afraid that someone might not care that you are the most amaxing Esthetician. You care, and people can read that. if they arent interested, these arent the clients you want. right? 

3) Embrace Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope... and more. Jump on these platforms. Now. I mean like yesterday! The world is ever evolving. People want information now and they want it fast. Give the people what they want, Esty. Embarcing Social Media will be the best thing you can do for business. Get into the habit of recording almost everything you do in the treatment room. About to wax some brows? better get that before and after. Get a new product or toy? snapchat the uvailing of newness! Doing an awesome treatment? go live on Facebook or periscope. Get your name out there and show the world you are here and you are ready to take it on. Social proof is the biggest thing clients look for and is a part trusting you. Seeing your work like before an after skin treatments. Or reading tesitimonials from other clients helps them logically make a decision to spend their time and money with you. Track everything you do, and never forget to share!

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